I just found out about three weeks ago that I was pregnant. This would be my third pregnancy as I had two prior ones in which I have two healthy boys that are 4 and the youngest soon to be 3. No problems in pregnancy or natural birth. No morning sickness, nothing. Now my period is 15 days late and already knowing I am pregnant, I started bleeding. I went to the emergency room and they did an ultrasound, pevic exam and blood tests. The HCG levels were 1399. Gestational sac present with what looks to be 7 weeks, though I thought I was 10. Two days later the HCG levels have only increased slightly: up to 1466 yet it is going on four days and I am still bleeding. I have a high pain tolerance and feel some discomfort but no cramps besides a few gas cramps associated with a bowel movement. My blood is red and staying the same yet I do have to wear a pad. In the days of bleeding I have went through about 8 pads. No one has informed me if my cervix is closed or if the baby had a heartbeat. I go back to the dr's which would be 2 more days since the last bloodwork to see if my levels increased but have been told that they are likely to decrease since I am in the process of having a miscarriage.
I am trying to remain strong and relax and stay positive but I am so confused and anxious.

Any help or suggestions, advice would be very much appreciated.

I am disappointed in the care I have recieved so far. My first two pregnancies occured while I was stationed in Germany under the care of a German doctor and both of my sons were delivered in a German hospital by a midwife who were so helpful, showed concern and very informative of the process. Now I am in the states, possibly going through a miscarraige and everything is so different beyond my issues of the pregnancy in terms of the staff and information that is being given. If I do not have a miscarriage as I hope that I don't, I am so worried about delivering a baby here in my own country.