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I’ve been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which mostly affects my arms and hands for several years now and I’ve been on steroids which gave me horrible side effects and I really don’t want to go back to using them unless it becomes the last option. I’m currently only taking meloxicam, but of course, that painkiller isn’t side effects-free and I developed GERD from all the stomach irritation.

I read some info and seen ads about light therapy for chronic pain and it seems that athletes are using it on a regular basis, so I’m wondering would light therapy help to at least somewhat ease the arthritis pain?



when I was doing some research before buying my red LED lamp for chronic joint injury, I found a research done by National institutes of health which confirmed that specifically red LED light lamp did help in easing pain caused by number of reasons - and that also included research done with athletes who have injuries similar to mine.

I've been using the lamp once every few days for the last few months and so far, so good - I didn't have any major pain breakouts I usually have as the fall comes. But you still should check with the manufacturer does the lamp help with arthritis pain.