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I’ve been suffering from chronic joint pain caused by a car accident for several years now. During those years, I had several surgeries to repair my injuries, but all that left me with a chronic muscle and joint pain, mostly affecting my left leg.

I really don’t tolerate pain medications well and besides, they work only temporarily, so I was looking into alternative treatments and it seems that LED light therapy is by far considered to be most effective. But, LED light therapy would require me to buy a lamp, so if anyone on here has personal experience, could you tell me is the lamp worth the money? Does LED light really helps with the chronic pain?



as long as you get the LED lamp that emits the light of correct wavelength (830nm) which shows as visible red light, research done so far supports the claims that LED light therapy helps with different kinds of chronic pain.

However, before just buying the lamp, perhaps you might want to try it first and see what are its effects exactly. I first tried it at my chiropractor, and together with chiropractor's treatment it really did help me get a lot more relief from my back pain. After I felt it work, it was far more cost effective to buy one specifically designed for the back pain, than to pay for additional treatments.