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My wife was just diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, confirmed by lymph node biopsy. She is currently scheduled for further testing to determine the exact type of cancer she has and the treatment she’ll be given.

I’ve been researching this like crazy after we found out because I don’t want to lose her to this horrible disease, but besides chemotherapy it seems like only other available treatment is light therapy. I’ve only managed to find it’s success rates for skin cancers or conditions like psoriasis, but will it be effective for lymphoma without any skin related symptoms?



I'm sorry your wife has to go through this horrible disease, my sister is still fighting it. The type of light therapy that's used for lymphoma is not the same as the one used for conditions like psoriasis, but what makes the most difference is the exact subtype of cancer your wife has, which will be determined by the tests.

I'm not an expert, but basically some types of lymphoma produce so called t-cells which can be destroyed by light of the certain frequency. That's the one of the things you'll know after the tests, so if your wife has T-cell lymphoma then light therapy might be an option for her.