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Good day everyone,

My name is Anna and I am 17 years old. I am struggling with my weight for three years now, since I hit the puberty. Next year it is really important for me, it is my graduation day, so I am planning to start now with losing my pounds. I know that this will be really difficult, but I need to try. My mom bought me Kinoki detox good pads for weight loss.

Honestly, I don’t know much about those products that can help me lose my weight, so I hope that you can help me and tell me how those work for weight loss?

Thank you a lot!


Hello darling,

If you want to start now, you will lose your pounds until next year. All you need to do is to be discipline, and you will see. I hope that you will be happy.

It is strange a little bit because you have decide to start with Kinoki detox foot pads. Did your mother have heard something about it?

We are discussing about it a lot, and all I can say is that you can’t lose your pounds so quickly and so much with it.  They work on simple base, they work while you are walking, while you are sleeping.

But, I think that there is better option for you!

Have a nice day! 



Good day,

I totally agree with you :) I am not saying that you can’t lose your pounds, but you will lose them very, very slowly, because Kinoki detox food pads has other roll in this whole story. They are for detox, just like you could read and hear.

You can use them, of course, but I would also recommend you to follow some good diet program, or even to try with some diet pills, of course, you need to consult your doctor about it.

That is the only way and I am sure that you will be the best looking than!

Enjoy my darling!