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my boyfriend told me last night that after we did the oral sex 1 week ago,he noticed his throat got inflammed and after 2 days some pus appears..and me myself also too after 2 days from having oral sex with my boyfriend im experiencing itchiness in my genital area..(vulva) .i always have a proper hygiene and no fishy smell.
what cause the itchiness and why my does my boyfriend get infection on his throat?and why there are some pus?is vaginal fluid cause infection?


Well, I don't know if the symptoms would show up so quickly, but here's my take on it.

First off, if your vagina is not infected and you have no STD/STIs then I don't believe the vaginal fluid would have infected him (but if he was allergic to it???)

But your boyfriend is definitely experiencing infection symptoms. Does your boyfriend possibly have a penile infection or STD? If so, he could have transferred it to you, and then when he gave you oral sex, received it right back in his mouth? Though that would be pretty horrible if it was true.