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Iam from India. Whenever, there is climate change, I suffer from throat infection.I had my tonsilitis operated 1 year back. Prior to that my tonsilitis use to get infected very often due to climate change.So my doctor suggested to operate them.But afer some time I undergo same symtoms the way they were before i operated my tonsilitis.Symtoms like mild fever, headache, weakness,running nose, loss of appetite etc.Whenever I have the throat infection after a climate change,I undergo same symtoms.Kindly suggest a solution for it, as after taking antibiotics, it gets to normal.But whenever there is a climate change, it again pops up.

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Hi there,

Im kiran from Auckland. V are having summer now but still my husband is facing nose n throat problems.

He had sinusitis, n has been operated when he was a child. He is allergic also. But the most bothersome problem is that, at sometime at night, say around 8.00 pm, he will start experiencing runny nose, airway blockage, throat itchiness. He is facing this problem almost daily even after me keeping the house dust free, odor free, ventilated. I even put on the dehumidifier before he comes home to keep the room dry. This has helped a little, i hope. But the problem still persists.

Can u please tel me why is this happening n the solution for this.