I'm 20 weeks exactly... I got into aa physical fight with my boyfriend on December 5th and went out with my ex I had protected sex with my ex that night at a party.... Got a ride home from my friend and as drunk as we were we ended up attempting to have sex due to him being impossibly drunk we couldn't accomplish the task but made to fact with our privates. December6th my boyfriend came home and we had sex multiply times.... In the past 1 1/2 we have been having unprotected sex and had to pregnancies before hand which resulted in miscarrying. My doctors say my due date is September 3rd and that me lmp was November 25th I'm nervous cause I know in my heart it's my boyfriends buy I'm nervous that my stupidity of a party night may have effected my life harder then I thought... Please can someone tell me some advice I need some reassurance