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OK, So I started to realise that I had double vision in september so i've been to the opticians twice and he said that I may have a disease called 'keratoconus' so he made an appointment with an opthomologist and that's in February plus other things have started to happen such as (it's hard to explain) my eyesights almost like a fuzzy tv but transparent if that makes any sense i don't know if they're floaters plus a couple of days ago i realised that when i look at a brightish light and i blink loads of rays of light appear and if i close my eyes slightly it gets worse please help i'm only 14:(


Hello wayhay

Sorry to know about your condition. It is a condition where cornea becomes conical - give a wikipedia search for Keratoconus. Although am not an expert in this area - but having said that your opthalmologist must have recommended some treatment - contact lenses, sceral lenses or even a surgical treatment to remedy this situation. You will probably require radial keratomy, amongst other options and lastly a corneal transplant itself. Though these are quite scary enough, but you do have options. Love and light