I tested positive for rectal chlamydia but negative for vaginal and everything else and got given a 7 day course of doxycycline, i took one 100mg tablet twice a day for 7 days, the most important question is - the day after i finished my treatment a penis touched the outside of my anus / the skin around it (no penetration ) and then went in my vagina, will my vagina now be infected, could chlamydia live on skin like that? also i didn't drink alcohol for 6 days but drank quite abit on the last day of my treatment about 2 hours after i'd taken the last tablet, would that have drastically made the treatment less effective?  how long will chlamydia still be present for after the 7 day treatment is completed / is the doxycycline still in my body treating it even after the course is finished? will the doxycycline have cleared up the chlamydia after a few days of starting the treatment and is the 7 days just a precaution? sorry for all the questions i just need straight answers,  hope someone can help, thank you!!