I have sufferd with urine tract infections for many of years and found out 38 years later that what caused it was being born with spine bifida Tetherd cord and T11 syrinx it as caused my urethral pipe not to develop properly and is narrowed so my bladder as been unable to empty properly which as been causing bacteria and then the bacteria as caused infection after infections . there are times where i have been taken in to hospital and ended up in severe pain with it i was knocked out with injection and woke up on the drip due to dehydration the signs i get to a start of urine infections is my urine seems to go cloudy with a clear skim like oil over it i then get a smell that appears start to pass less urine and constant pain due to my body now being amuned to most antibiotics the only 1s that seem to do something now is the cefelexin 500mg 3 per day i was told that i could have a catheter put in on long term through my stomach below the belly button into my bladder but that would drive me mental on top of all my other medical problems so i did not have it as after reading up about it i would still have infection but not as much but if the pipe came out you have got to be very quick to get it back in otherwise the hole would close and you need to seek medical advice asap anyway i decided to do self catherisation which i had a appointment on 30/12/2015 i was put on size 12 catheter used it 4 times and on the 4th attempt there was blood on the catheter i went up the hospital i was in pain the doctor asked me are u passing urine i said yes i was told i was okay and sent home so i am putting up with these shooting pains going up my urethral / pain in my back constantly and half way up by my spine spreading. and constant ache in my privates the next day phoned out of hours again sent up hospital and i was given the cefelexin 500mg antibiotics and told not to use the catheter anymore and contact my urologist department what my concern is i went and passed urine today and had about 8 strands of what looked liked tissue in it with specks of blood on some as anybody got any idea what that could be not sure if my urethral as narrowed again and the catheter as scraped it and damaged where the urologist operated 2 years ago as it was bit painful inserting catheter when got so far . please excuse any spelling mistakes wont know anymore until i see urologists in march now that is the earliest that i can be seen.