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Are you feeling moody, weary and not up to anything? Yes, winter does that to a person. Here are some tips to wake you up from that winter sleep and help you enter the spring in a super shape!

Don’t overeat! 

It is important not to overeat in the winter time. Choosing light and easy digestible foods will not upset your stomach and having regular physical activity will help you get into shape. So start running or at least walking every day. 

Get outside!

You should be spending as much time as possible out of the house. Day light will definitely boost your mood. Otherwise, spending time in closed and dark places will only make you chronically tired.  

Shower in the mornings!

Showering alternately with warm water for 2 minutes and then 30 seconds with cold water for three times will wake you up and get your blood going. This will help you regulate your body temperature more easily. 

Warm up your feet!

In the winter time, circulation gets sluggish, especially to the extremities. Blood vessels constrict and disable blood and oxygen flow and the extremities get cold. You should warm them up! A foot massage or even leg-warmers will certainly stimulate circulation. Make sure you avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks as they additionally shrink the blood vessels.  

Go to the sauna!

Sauna gets toxins out of the body, speeds up circulation and elevates the mood. You should shower with moderately warm water and put some hydrate cream to moisten the skin and keep it from getting dry. 

Jog in the winter time too!

It is not true that jogging in the cold weather is unhealthy. Dress warmly and just go for a run. Put a scarf over your mouth so you don’t breath in cold winter air! Wear more clothes so you don’t sweat a lot and catch a cold. 

Don’t forget the vitamins!

Help your immunity get stronger by regular vitamin intake. You should concentrate on fruits with high loads of vitamin C such as grapefruit and kiwi and make sure you get enough of vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B6 and B12. 

Ventilate your home!

Many of people hate venting as it took them ages to warm up the place. The air dries up in the heated rooms and irritates mucous membranes of the throat and nose. This further makes an excellent ground for bacteria reproduction. To prevent this from happening, just open the windows wide and let that air circulate.    

Go shopping!

To break the winter blues, go shopping! Studies have shown that shopping helps with the apathy, even in men! 
Getting started is hard but as soon as you adopt these couple of lifestyle changes, you will feel a whole lot better!

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