Well, I have irritation in throat. There's dry cough (white colour) all time. Doctor's term it as persistent cough. From past 2 years my allergic symptoms has increased. I contacted the ENT doctor, he prescribed some tablets:(ABFLO, TELECAST-F etc) and did not decrease. Later he advised Endoscopy of throat,  the diagnosis result says that there's slight reflux issue. Then he prescribed some tablets before food and same tablets mentioned above. What I observed was until I take tablets, the irritation is less but once medication is stopped. It comes to it's original form and start irritating.

                Around 8-9 years back I had an operation of Nose(due to deviation of my nasal septum). For few years I was fine. But then allergy started. Blockage of Nose, excess mucous secretion in throat. And when surrounding temperature decreases, the symptom effect increases. Slight oily food intake shows its effect and irritation starts.

     Well I am really fed up of this stuff. When I talk to doctors they say that this is common, you shouldn't worry a lot on such problem. I have shown to 3-4 doctors and all say the same. Sometimes I question myself that am I lying. Doctors say sometimes that I make issues really big, but they are just trivial issues according to them. 

     Because of these issues, a fear is instilled within me that if I travel to cold countries(seasonal- Europe, US) the symptoms increases to multiple folds. So I am delaying to travel to such countries.

    Can anybody help me out with this ? It will be really helpful.