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I've been experiencing this awfully annoying pain in the back of my throat for the past week or two. My throat gets a very dull but powerful pain when I yawn, and for the first week or so it was only yawning that caused it but now it's progressing so that when I swallow I also feel it very slightly. I feel perfectly fine in every other regard and am not coughing or congested. I used to get strep throat a lot when I was younger and as such have ingrained the memory of the type of throat pain I get when I have strep, and this is something completely different. I would really appreciate any info or help anyone can give me about this problem. Thanks!


If you are sure that this is not reoccurred problem with strep throat than maybe your tonsils are crying for help. Since it is cold anyway maybe it is just some minor infection of the tonsils but since you are not doing anything to protect your throat it is getting worse. Try to drink warm tea with honey and eat lighter food which is not going to cause you pain when swallowing.

If you don’t feel better in a few days than consider visiting your family doctor. He will examine you and if he determine there is need he will send you to the ENT doctor.

Since ENT doctor is specialist for ear, nose and throat it shouldn’t be difficult to him to diagnose your condition and prescribe appropriate treatment.