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I was having a bath this morning and while retracting my foreskin to clean it, I noticed it was sticking a little, not tight, but stuck by something towards the base of the head, with a little water it came free so I was not too concerned.

However, when I checked later to see if it had remained unstuck to my dismay I realised it hadn't, and that my penis head was unusually dry. The sensation when I retract it beyond the sticking point is in someone else's words "like removing a band-aid" not exactly a comfortable sensation considering the location.

I have never had any sexual experience outside of masturbating and I last did that two days ago and am intent on refraining for at least two weeks. I am also intending to see a doctor but any words of advice that would help in the meantime would be highly appreciated.


Hi Concerned18:

Pull your foreskin back and put a coating of Vaseline all over the head and the pull your foreskin forward. The Vaseline should stop the sticking. Do that daily.