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Hi, I’m 16, and I have recently realised that I cannot retract my forsaking during masturbation. Looking into this further, I tried different things to try and self solve this issue. I tried retracting the foreskin while flaccid, got it just passed the tip, and realised that my foreskin is actually attached to the head of the penis, directly next to the urethra opening. The attached bit appears to be skin, but it is slightly pinky in colour. The area on the head of my penis is red, but doesn’t feel sore at all. It doesn’t hurt when I urinate or ejaculate, apart from a couple of random times after going to the toilet and it tingles slightly (this is normally solved by washing the area). 

I have read up a bit on this, some people have said to have it surgically removed, some people say it will just detach automatically, and some say to stretch and pull slightly at it.  I am really confused on what to do.

i would prefer a solution to this which doesn’t involve medical attention, and I would rather keep it private from my parents as well.

If you have any advice It would be very appreciated.


please note I am a virgin, but masturbate regularly.


Hi guest,

By 16 most males can retract their foreskin when erect.

Look up "frenulum."  That is likely what you are seeing and it is NORMAL.

In some cases though it can be short.  A frenuloplasty, alteration of the frenulum, or a frenulectomy, a removal of the frenulum may be needed.

You need an exam by a doctor to determine what, and if, something needs to be done yet. A urologist would be the best doctor, they specialize in the male reproductive system.

Remember, at 16 you are still growing and developing.  You may outgrow this.  Keep trying to stretch your foreskin.

Hope it helps.



Play with it in warm water like a bath.