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Doc thought she would perform stripping yesterday but couldnt as she said cervix is closed and up and baby's head is yet not fixed, though she is in position! Now due date is tomorrow i.e. 14th Feb. I am literally dying out of anxiousness! She had asked me to take Castor oil tomorrow with milk.  Can I do something else to induce labour so that I can avoid castor oil *yuck*

Help! I so much want a normal delivery!


Hi NidHas,

Stop taking the castor oil.  It can lead to severe diarrhea.

A due date is an approximation.  Like everything in nature, babies develop at their own pace.  If you were more than a few weeks late, then I'd be looking for an induction.  At this point, no way.

There are drugs that can induce labor.

Just have some patience.  You may be ready but the baby apparently isn't.

Good luck.