Okay I am 19 years old, not sexually active and have phimosis where the foreskin is tight but I am working on that with stretches. 

The past week or so it would feel like my left testicle was a lot tighther, higher up in my scrotum when approaching orgasm and I had to cup my balls as I feared it would just slip out. Since I noticed this, I have noticed a dull on and off ache around the left testicle, it's quite uncomfertable at times. Mostly worst in the morning and eases off a bit at night. I have examined both my testicles, and length and thickness wise they both feel the same, no lumps and both feel the same to squeeze, firm but give slightly. The Epididymis on both seems to have a weirdish bump at the base of both my testicles. During Orgasm it feels more intense now which isn't a bad thing but still not what I am used it. Is this anything serious? I am going to book a doctor if it's not better by the end of the week.