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today I have started my new improved life style with a little help with medical prescription drug " euro mine 30 mg , 


i am a 27 yr old mother of 4 that has always struggled with my weight I live in moranbah a small minding town in Queensland I weigh 98 kgs 


hopefully this helps me so that I become more happier within my self and am able to do more with my children , I am 167 cms tall and hope to loose 20 kgs if not more 

pick will keep u updated 





good luck with your weight loss. I hope you really achieve your goal. Always keep  in your head what are you trying to achieve, that will motivate you.

Keep us posted about your results. Meanwhile you can register , it's anonymous, so you can keep track of your post and replies better.

If you need any advice about the weight loss in general let me know.




I also started to take Duromine 30mg on the 16th of May 2013. I am weighing a whooping 90.6kg and I am 1.64m tall.
I need to loose 20kg to be at a healthy weight. I weighed myself on Saturday and I weighed in at 89.0kg, which is a loss of 1.6kg. This morning I weighed myself again just to find out that I am weighing 90.0kg. Why is that?? I am very disappointed!!! I will rather weigh myself only once a week and hopefully I will weigh less by Saturday.