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I'm a 15 year old boy who ways roughly 250 pounds. I am very disappointed in my weight and am trying to lose weight. I am not very motivated. I usually sit at home and play video games. I am about 6'0 I have researched and the average weight and it's roughly 200 pounds. I am In no rush to lose weight but I need to know how to do it. School has salad everyday but is that healthy salad everyday. What should I eat for breakfast? This is very touchy considering I get c**p for my weight often. My family always asks me if I have tried to lose weight and I have. Can anybody help me?


Hi 17,

Before starting any weight loss program it is always a good idea to see your doctor to rule out a medical problem.

Salads are but one part of a well balanced diet.  You need protein as well, cheeses, baked skinless chicken, baked fish, etc.  Cut out sugary drinks.

You also need to watch the calories in the salad dressing.

Eat a breakfast too.  It jump starts your metabolism - increasing weight loss.  

Basically you need to get motivated.  Get outside and put the video game controller down.  Diet AND exercise can help you reach your goal - and it isn't 200 pounds either.  

The average weight is 155 pounds (CDC chart) - use the 50 percentile.  From the chart, approximately 82% of 17 year olds weigh less than 200 pounds.

To help motivate you some more, by losing weight you will reduce your risk of diabetes and have much more energy. 

One last thing, you'll gain some length on your penis.  Fat around the abdomen "hides" your length.

Hope it helps.



You need to stay focused if you really want to lose weight. Have a healthy diet, that means more fruits and vegetables. Eat lean cuts of meat and fish. Drink plenty of water everyday. Make sure to eat small meals and healthy snacks instead of one big meal. Of course, take time to exercise. Additionally, consider the natural weight loss supplements to lose weight, while maintaining your healthy body.




Weight loss is a gradual process. You need to be very patient to lose weight. Weekly we can set a target of 0.5-0.8 kgs to lose weight and achieve it. Gradually you can see the difference in yourself. Our weight loss plan will help you maintain your diet, exercise routine as well as our consultations will keep you motivated. 

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