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Hi, I'm new! I've joined up because I'm finding this forum helpful in my research of duromine.

I'm 31 years old, female, 163 cms tall and weigh 79kgs.

My weight usually sits around the 74kg mark without diet (not that that is ideal) and I put on a large amount of weight recently - got up to 83kgs due to comfort eating over the last two years with some personal problems. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was trying to concieve with my 2nd child a few years ago, so I do believe thats a contributing factor to the weight.

I can shift a kg or two but put them straight back on, so I'm wondering if this is just fluids or something and not actual weight lost.

I can't seem to budge any more weight, I can maintain it, just, but can't seem to get passed the 79kg mark. I went to the doctor and specifically asked for duromine as my husband went on it earlier this year to kick start his weight loss, with very positive results of a loss of 14kgs in one month. Admittedly he worked extremely hard core at the gym - harder then I will ever be able to match! It's about four months on for him and while he's maintained that weight loss, he hasn't lost any more without the medication. The only side effects he complained of was constipation, but in all honesty, every time he starts dieting he gets constipated so I doubt that that was caused by the Duromine.

I'm tired all the time, I have no energy and am so lethargic. The extra kgs I'm carrying actually hurt my stomach (where I seem to hold most of my weight, embarressingly I could pass for 7mths pregnant :( ) I have horrific heart burn and I just feel unwell 100% of the time.

It was very disspointing as the doctor told me I was doing everything wrong and that pounding away at the treadmill wasn't going to shift any of my weight and that I need to concentrate on weight resistance excercises. He also said that counting calories, as I have been doing by keeping an online track of what I eat at isn't going to work either (1500 calorie limit). He rambled about basal metabolic something or other, which I don't understand at all. The other thing is he said I need to concentrate on eating a huge high carb meal like a pasta meal for breakfast and seven small meals spread through out the day. I don't like eating a huge breakfast - it always makes me feel sick. And pasta??? So if anyone has any other suggestions for a breakfast meal I'd appreciate the advice.
The doctor also stressed that I'd likely put whatever weight that I lost right back on as soon as I'm off the duromine - and if I'm successful you can bet I'll work damned hard to keep it off!

So I took my first duromine this morning, at 6.30am. Spent 35 mins on the treadmill and I'll do an aerobic video later in the day. So far, it's not effected my hunger at all - in fact, I'm hungrier than usual! I know that one of my problems is that I don't actually eat enough, I do however drink a heap of coffee through the day, another thing the doctor doesn't get is that I NEED the coffee of I'd be comatose!

I have felt a bit light headed, and my arms are a bit tingly. I have the most disgusting taste in my mouth! I really home that taste issue goes or I'll have to quit the pills all together. Ideally I hope in this month of duromine to lose 5kgs, anything else is a cherry on top. 10 would be fantastic, but realistically I'll be happy to lose any amount as I can't seem to budge it on my own :( .
I'll be happy to just stay on this medication for a month to kickstart this diet and lifestyle change I'm hoping to create.

I hope no one minds if I keep this updated, hopefully my weight loss journey might help others out there who are scared of beginning duromine like me!

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Hi, from what I have read, I have more or less the same problem. (I have PCOS as well) I would like to know how you are doing (with the weight loss and duromine)? I also want to start taking it soon.