Hi, I'm 14 and I started stretching my earlobes 2 days ago, they are 3mm tapers and they are plastic, the first day I put them in, they'd only go in half way, so I left them half way in for a day and the next day, I pushed them all the way through, they were all fine,  a bit red but very painful, i just thought ' aah this is normal ' and then today, i went to clean them with salt and water, I took the tapers out and my right ear was bleeding and very sore and the left ear is all swollen at the back and there is a lump on the back of my earlobe? They are both very painful, I have taken out the tapers but i'm not sure whether I should put normal earrings in?

Why is my ear bleeding and what is the lump? How can I heal them? And should I not put any earrings in until they're healed up?