Hi I am new to the forum.


I search the forums to give myself hope that people actually recover from these strange ear disorders ! My journey started last dec 2014 I had vestibular neuritis it took me until June 2015 to recover (after much Vrt).

Fast forward to July 2015 and I had Snezzing attack for several hours a allergic reaction to friends pets. I had slight pain and just popped a ibprofin . The summer has marched on and now I have (2 weeks) cracking in my left ear and every time I swallow, also the pain has progressed to a dull pain that makes me feel ill for days . I can't eat and have lost 8lbs. The feeling is something like  a dark angel that just creates havoc and my anxiety is getting worse . 

I have gone through a chronic illness already could I be that unlucky with possible Eustation tube disorder. 

I have appointment with ent this week, and worked hard to get in line for ct scan, blood tests , allergy testing. 

I'm reaching out to the wisdom and support of any troopers. 

Thanks to all I will follow up if I find any cure