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hi all,

six weeks ago i woke up with a pulsating noise above my left ear, felt unsteady when i got out of bed, doctor said vertigo....and gave me tablets...the vertigo went very quickly about 2 days but im left with pulsating day and night, no pain in ears, no sinus pain, no hearing loss, but the bone by my ear aches from inside? no pain on touching and telephone conversations make whichever ear im listening with hurt almost like a pressure from within? i have been on nasonex spray for 3 weeks with no doctor said she was going to refer me to ent and is now saying it could be my eustation tubes blocked and there is nothing they can do? everywhere i read lots of people suffering but get some help what am i to do insist on ent or change doctor? this has changed my life completely cant exercise or run or walk fast as my pulse beats faster and then head hurts any suggestions...........and sorry to be a moaner lorraine



Wait to see the ENT. I believe there is a solution for blocked tubes. There are new remedies for this. I would definitely put a hold on the exercise. That will most likely aggravate the situation. Get to the ENT as quickly as possible. These kinds of conditions, especially if it's an ongoing infection can be extremely painful and cause other symptoms. I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Also, could you have busted your eardrum by accident when you were suffering with the pain. Have that checked too....Let us know.