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is it possible to experience menopause at age 18? if i am experiencing hot flashes and longer, heavier periods, is that possible?


It is highly unlikely that a woman will experience menopause at this age. But, it is quite possible that you are experiencing some hormonal problems or imbalance or that there is an underlying disease behind these symptoms.

How long have you been experiencing these problems? Does this influence your every day’s activities?

I think that when a girl/woman reaches the age of 18, she should start having regular gynecological exams no matter whether she engages in sexual activities or not.

The risks of underlying disease increase with age and many of the conditions may influence woman’s overall health and an ability to become a mother one day.

Hot flashes are not so common for 18 year-old girls and they may be just temporary and go away on their own just like those heavy periods but I would definitely make an appointment if these symptoms were interfering with my life.