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Hello! I am Mary and I am thirteen. I have heard many things about eating disorder on TV and I read about it in the Internet. I don’t have any problems with that but I have some friends who are extremely concerned about their weight. When we were at the winter holidays with our school I noticed some of them vomit after meals. How is this eating disorder called? What's the other name for eating disorder? Should I tell someone about it?


Hello! Vomiting after meals is one of many signs of bulimia but it doesn’t necessary means that your friend is already bulimic. If she continues to do so she will on the way to become. You have to talk to her and tell her how dangerous this could be. Offer her your help and support but if you notice that her health condition is endangered you have to talk to your teacher or parents. There are several types of eating disorders such as: anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating and binge eating disorders.