Hi everyone. So I've been fighting with ITBS - iliotibial band friction sydndrome - for several months now. I had a thought about a potential cause and wanted to see if anyone else with more knowledge could comment on it.

Several years ago, back in high school (I'm now a senior in college) I sprained my left ankle pretty bad a few times; to date it's rather limited in range and flexibility, and easy to re-injure if I twist it accidentally. As a result, when standing and walking (and thus probably running), my left foot is ever so slightly angled outward, more-so than my right ankle.

I'm wondering this could sort of mimic a bow-legged gait, which I know to be a cause of ITBS. Does anyone have an understanding on how a toe-out foot placement might affect gait?

As an aside, I'm aware of many other potential causes; weak abductor, weak gluteus medius, inflexible ITB, etc. and working on those.

Also, I'm wondering if years of sitting with my left leg crossed over my right knee accumulated in excess pelvic torque, which could contribute to the problem. . . . or maybe i'm just making it more complex than it really is!