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This pain is really hindering my training process. I ship out for Army BCT in under two months, so I need to fix this before then.

Whenever I run, my left ankle and foot hurt so much that it proves too difficult to continue. Also, it feels as though it is more difficult to move when it is in this state.

I have no idea how to correct this.


Have you tried checking if the trainers you run in are the right kind for your running gait?

You might need support shoes if you are a pronator as that could be whats caising your ankle and foot pain.

Otherwise, does your regular running route have a camber?

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I'm using some cheap Aria running shoes until I buy some at basic. Can't afford expensive ones, especially since I'm only using them until August 23.
I'm not sure about my gait. I do know that I tend to step heavier on my left side. Also, the left ankle pops when I stretch on my tip-toes sometimes. And I think my toes point outward when I run.
If by camber, you mean sideways angle, then no. This pain only happens on flat surfaces, i.e. treadmill and concrete. Now, when I ran at a local park that has bike/hiking trails, I did not have the pain at all, and there was sideways camber, up/downhill inclines, etc.