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ZEB is 6 1/2 and his 'pooping problems' began about 10 months ago;
I was assuming that playing outdoors and not wanting to come inside/playing his play station and not wanting to stop for a bathroom break/kindergarten looming before him...etc. Zachary was disganosed with sensory integration dysfunction in Nov. 2007 and has been in OT & PT since that time, however;
his encopresis is now full blown. In speaking with his physician he suggestion constipation and and x-ray was taken - slight constipation was the 'diagnosis' and suggested an over the counter laxative. I am becoming, please!


My best friend has a daughter who is having constipation problems for years. They were doing everything by the book. Checking with their regular doctor and discussing this problem with other parents with same disorder but it seems that every day situation was worse.

 Then one day they have decided to listen their friends who went to see some alternative doctor. He informed them that most of his patients were using Flax seed oil and it worked wonders for them. After that they have started seeing a holistic doctor and he told them to use cod liver oil. The fish oil is more pure and has Omega 3 in it and that has helped their daughter to keep regular. Hope this helps a little bit.