:-D Just want to express my satisfaction with my recent green light PVP. I am 54 and did not realize how much trouble I have had over the past 5 years. I am on testosterone injections and my urologist thinks this sped up the rate of BPH, but thought it would happen sooner than expected. I was on both Uroxatral and Proscar prior to the procedure, seemed to help some, but the last evening before my procedure, I spent much time in the bathroom trying to urinate, pain around scrotum and to tip of penis. Split stream, dribbling, hesitency and incomplete emptying. My residual was about 250cc, no wonder I always felt the urge to pee! I had the procedure under general in an outpatient surgery center, went in at 7:30am and home by 11:30am. Woke up with 20 french 3-way catheter, not much problem removing it. Was so surprised once the foley was out. I have not urinated that well since I was in my 20's. I have had no pain, used Advil, but did use some low dose Ditropan to prevent spasms, which I did not experience. I am drowning myself with oral fluids, does make a huge difference. I have followed the post op instructions to the letter, no sex, no lifting, no driving farther than to work (15 miles), no prolonged sitting. I was told I could not go out of town for a month after the procedure due to risk of bleeding. I had the procedure on Sept. 19 and went back to work full speed ahead on the following Tuesday. I can honestly say the procedure changed my life. I am comfortable, can hardly wait to try sex again, don't know what to expect. My month followup is next week, I am anxious to find out how much prostate was vaporized and how near I was to full obstruction. All in all, a good experience. Very thankful to my doctor and friend here in Colorado. I am a nursepractitioner/physician assistant, and I will most certainly discuss my experience with my patients where are contemplating the same procedure.