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Hi, I'm a 39-yo mum of two and I have excessive bleeding 2-3 days a month during my period. I frequently flood and have to change sanitary protection usually every hour. I have a fibroid the size of an orange (ish), but I'm not sure whether it's on the inside or outside of my uterus. My Dr has recommended Novasure a form of uterine ablation procedure. I am interested to find out whether this is suitable for me to have with a fibroid and whether it will make a significant difference. Also I have pretty horrendous PMT which I actually find more of a problem than the bleeding at times (!!) and was wondering whether having this procedure done would have any impact (either better or worse) on the PMT.

Many thanks


I went into the doctors office and this is what happened step by step

first no eating or drinking after midnight

got there at 10:00 but did not go into the office until 10:45 I guess they were running late so it made me more and more nervous. My bf went with me whom I have been with for 17 years.

The scheduled me right away for my two week checkup. They also called in a prescription for darvaset to rite aid for me to pick up after the surgery.

Got into the room and a nurse came in and asked me some questions and than she said she needed a urine sample for a pregnancy test.

Than doddy came in who is the anastesiologist and she was super nice and told me what to expect. She said they would put a blood pressure thing on my arm and something on my finger to check my signs and also some things would be placed on my chest. To monitor me when they put me under.

She said I may hear things or maybe know some of what is happening but as she sees my vital signs she will know if I need more medication. She said to me do not worry I am no rookie. (she was so nice)

i than went into another room where the surgery was to take place and got nervous at what I was seeing. Lol

doddy than put the thing on my arm and on my finger and chest and than she said here is the good news I am going to give you a local before I put the iv in. So she numbed my hand and than inserted the iv and the only thing I felt was the local was like a bee sting and I did not feel the iv go in.

At this point the nurse, doctor and doddy (anastesiologist)were all in the room. He said to lay down and move down like you are getting a papsmear. I did that and they tried to make jokes with me. He asked me if I had any questions and I said I read all I needed to know in the internet and they laughed.

The next thing I know is doddy telling me I am getting tired and I told her it hurt my arm. The medication I could feel going through my veins and than I was out and they were waking me up and took me back to the other room and I sat there for about 10 minutes with my bf before we left. By now it is 12:00 noon so I was in the room from 10:45 to 12:00.

anyway so we went to riteaid and picked up my prescription and went home and by than the pain was getting worst I immediately took a pain pill as we were leaving riteaid. It is now 12:00 and I got home and made a hot pack and put it on my stomach as the nurse told me to do. I have a bunn coffee pot so I kept hot water available all day. I was in major pain from 12 until 2:30 and than the pain died some and I started to doze in and out. But I took an extra pain pill also which I was not suppose to. I had three from 12 to 6 and you are only suppose to have one every 4 hours.

By 3 I was not in major pain but could still feel my stomach hurting. My lower pelvic area. Anyway it is now 9:30 and I feel a little bloated and still feel small cramping but other than that so far so good.

I have a tiny bit of bleeding and some discharge but I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes tomorrow when I have to go to work.



I am scheduled for next week for the NovaSure because of the heavy bleeding. I have read hundreds of posts which have me concerned. I have been assured this will help. I lose quite a bit of blood to the point of anemia.




Hi! I had this procedure done yesterday under general anesthesia and I feel terrific today. I'm 37 and have suffered from mennoraghia for years--I won't know for another two weeks when I get my period how this helped, but I will tell you that the Novasure procedure itself was a piece of cake. I had slight cramping and spotting for maybe 3 hours after the procedure, but it truly is "minimally invasive."

To prepare for the Novasure procedure, I had an endometrial biopsy (in the GYN office, very quick) about 4 days before the procedure to make sure there was no cancer (if there is, a hysterectomy would have been suggested instead) and some blood work done.

The procedure itself took only 30 mintues for the hysteroscoy and like 2 minutes for the Novasure procedure. All in all, my surgery was scheduled for 8:50 and I was home resting by lunchtime.

The thing that concerns me about your post is your mention of a large fibroid. My doctor used a hysteroscope to look around my uterus prior to doing the procedure, as the device is triangular and needs to fit into your uterus. If you have a large fibroid, that may need to be treated prior to getting this procedure done. It sounds as if a sonogram could determine that.

I wish you the best of luck, and for those of you waiting to have the procedure done, don't stress over it! :-)


I just had the novasure done on Tues. It was a breeze. They gave me an iv sedative before the twilight one and I don't even remember leaving my room to go to the or. Next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. I had no pain at all. He also gave me a local. My Doc first did a d&c, then a scope, then the novasure. My Doc said that this procedure is less effective with fibroids. Yours sounds pretty big. The electric waves can't get behind the fibroids. I have been on my feet, but careful. The next day, I cramped ever so slighty from driving. I got off my feet, cuz I had to return to work on the Thursday. The only problem is that Wed. night aroung 8:00 I started out with a fever. No cramping or bleeding, (I am spotting just a tinsy bit, expected). It reached 102. It went away during the night with Ibuprofin. I went to work all day,a one hour ride to and from, I am a hair stylist, on my feet and I feel great. The only thing is, my fever just started back at 6:00 pm. Other than that it was amazing. Now I have to wait till my period time comes around.


I had the Novasure procedure done in Sept '05. At first all seemed to go well. The following night, was in ER in the worst pain imaginable and vomiting green stuff. I was in the ER room until they finally decided to do an 'emergency surgery' to determine the cause, of which they already had the answer to, hours earlier... sepsis. The device burned my uterus and perforated my bowel causing sepsis/peritonitis which can often be a death sentence. I was in ICU for 7 days, needed blood transfusion, had congestive heart failure (was 43 at the time), vital organs not working properly, tube up/down my nose to drain the toxic material that was killing me pretty much. The scar on my stomach is appx 14 inches long - up/down, and I have nothing left of a navel now. I would suggest looking into the device very carefully and make an informed decision to anybody considering it. You can go to the FDA website -, do a search on NOVASURE in the brand name field and enter a date range, you can go pretty far back to see the number of incidents this device is directly related to. Also a few deaths, from what I can see there. Also suggesting be very careful as this is a class 3 med device. In the terms of the makers of the device, this means that they have complete protection and cannot be held legally responsible for injuries/deaths. Yes, in my case where I almost died, am permantly disfigured, have daily pain in my abdomen, have a morbid fear of infections (the list goes on), their defense is that "hey, we're protected by this pre-emption regulation/law, so you can't sue us". The approach they should be taking is, hmmm, there seems to be a lot of injuries (along with some deaths), maybe we need to look at why this is happening. Just please, make sure you are completely informed before jumping into any of these procedures. Is your doctor experienced in doing them? What's their track record? Do they even know that there has been a high number of injuries related to this device? Or, are they assuming that the device runs itself because of the automation of it; measuring, thermal heat used, etc.? If something were to happen to you, a serious injury, don't always think that you would have recourse... 'hey, their protected' would be the approach they use to protect themselves. No concern that there may truly be a problem, whether it's related to inexperience of doctors or the device, they don't seem to care. Just keep pushing and marketing the product to be a billion dollar company by '08. For your protection... please just be careful in your decision. Feel free to contact me as I have done a ton of research on this and can help. I must also say that I am sure this has helped many women. But, is it worth the number of injuries and the deaths? In my own opinion, NO. Oh, by the way, I was bleeding more and heavier AFTER the procedure. So, all for not. I ended up having a hysterectomy recently anyway. Which was another major surgery instead of the less invasive method due to scar tissue from the er surgery for the bowel ressection as a result of the NOVASURE procedure. So it was a no-win all the way around for me. Good luck and for those of you that it did work for, I'm happy that it did and that you had no problems. Thank you!


Hello. I had a hysteroscopy, d & c, polypectomy & novasure done this past Thursday, Aud 23, '07.

Here's my story: After about 2 years of increased heavy bleeding and longer menstrual periods, I began to soak through 2 pads every hour for several hours during my periods. The first time it happened, I ended up in the ER, getting 2 ultrasounds-- one from the outside, and then one vaginally. I discovered at that point that I had 2 intramuscular fibroids in my uterus approx. the size of almonds; and ovarian cysts in both ovaries. Nothing life-threatening, and, not really the cause of the heavier bleeding.

I went to a gynecologist for the first time since the birth of my last child-- 14 years ago. She did the pap smear, and then also an endometrial biopsy. The biopsy revealed a polyp, which was more likely the cause of the really heavy bleeding. After 2 months of phone tag & appt reschedules, that is, 2 more months of heavier (and scary!) bleeding, I made the decision to go ahead with the hysteroscopy & d & c. I had forgotten about the novasure procedure, which my Dr was kind enough to remind me of.

I would not recommend the procedure for anyone who is still considering having more children. The procedure burns the outer most lining of the uterus, the place where babies implant when you conceive, and so in order to carry the baby to almost term-- you will have a preemie-- bedrest the whole time you're pregnant. As I said earlier, my last baby was born 14 years ago. I'm 43; I'm done bearing children. Just sent #2 off to college.

How was the procedure? The aenesthesiologist & his nurse were very nice. I don't remember a thing. The last thing I do remember is them telling me they were ready to wheel me into the OR, hugging my husband & 2 daughters. The next thing I know, I'm waking up, and the nurse is asking me how I feel. I didn't have nausea; I wanted to go pee as soon as I woke, and I was out of the hospital by 10:30-- 2 hrs after my surgery.

Afterwards: Serious burning pains when you urinate on the first day. Some light colored discharge, also. Days 2 & 3-- discharge has more blood in it, but just pink. SOme cramps, but nothing like I'd been experiencing. Watery bowel movements. But hey, at least I've had them. They want you to have them by the 3rd day after surgery, or you have to call them. So far, so good. I don't have to go back to work until Monday, so I'm taking it easy. I would've had my period this coming week, but I think she cleaned me out good. We'll see. I do wonder what my periods will be like now. I surfed the internet to find out all I could, and even though I've had testimonials-- a nurse in my ob/gyn office had it done 3 years ago, and said it was the best thing she could've done for herself. The jury's still out for me.


Did you experience any weight gain after your procedure? I've gained 6 pounds in only 2 1/2 weeks! My weight is normally stable and I eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. I've never gained this much weight so quickly. I am hoping I haven't damaged my hormone release by this procedure. I know hormones contribute to weight in many ways. Any information on how much weight people gain after this procedure would be helpful. Also if anyone has gained weight and found a way to combat it with hormones or medication I would appreciate knowing this. I would rather go back to heavy periods and a nice figure than being fat and needing to buy a new wardrobe!


I was wondering if others had similar experiences. I had the novasure procedure on August 7th 2007. Everything went fine and I had no pain or complications. I have two large fibroids on the outside of my uterus, but none on the inside. I too, have been experiencing extremely heavy and heavier periods for over two years, with severe cramping, anemia, etc. I have had three periods since the procedure, and have seen no real change. Maybe, some of the clots are half dollar size instead of liver size, but just as much bleeding and pain. The brochure for Novasure says that 4 out of 5 women are thrilled with the results. Am I the 1 out of 5?
Any others with similar stories, and or thoughts or suggestions. My docotr says my only choice is a hysterectomy.


If anyone is thinking about having the novasure procedure please donot let the bad experiences or the negative blogs scare you. I hit this website the night before I was scheduled. I became nervous and concerned. Actually considered cancelling the procedure.

I have to say I am glad that I didn't. I am 42 years old. I do not have heavy periods but I am/was very sick of having them. I am/was also on birth control which was becoming expensive since I took them continuously since I wanted to avoid periods.

After speaking with my gyn, I reviewed all of my options and the novasure ablation was the least invasive of all.
Friday the 9th I had a biopsy done on my uterus to check for cancer.
I have to say that was slightly uncomfortable but 15 seconds was all the time needed to gather the necessary information.

On Tues the 13th I had the procedure done.
I went into the hospital for day surgery. Sedation was recommended.
I was told I was funny. Told lots of jokes and forgot all of the punch lines. I do remember being in the or...but I do not remember anything else. One of the posts above spoke of discomfort after the procedure.
I will agree with one exception. The cramping was slightly intense for me from 2:30 to 5:00pm. Then it was gone. I did not need pain meds. I took OTC motrin and that was all that was needed. I went to work on Wednesday < the day after surgery > and had no problems what so ever.
I spotted for a couple hours after the surgery and that was it!
< I would NOT recommend having this procedure done in the office with local....>
Today is Friday the day after Thanksgiving. My last birth control pill was taken on Thursday 15th. It is now the 23rd of Nov and I have no nothing!!! So I am hoping this is a sign of things to come. NO more periods!!!

Remember when you are considering and reading others experiences....everyone tolerates and deals with things differently.
Everyone heals differently, and just because someone has a bad experience doesn't mean it will happen to you. I am happy I did it.
Do not regret it. But I am also someone who enjoyed being pregnant and had no problems or meds during delivery. And right after my son was born I talked about doing it again.

I hope my experience helps answer some questions.


I had the procedure done on 10/18/07. Piece of cake, however it did absolutly nothing for my period. Have had two periods since and they are worse than they were before. I know it doesn't work for everyone but it was very dissapointing. On to other options....


I am 34 yrs old and 4.5 yrs ago after we had our fourth baby I had to have 2 open heart surgeries. So I have to take coumadin which is a blood thinner for the rest of my life. This is causing issues with my period. Most of the time my periods are very heavy. One of my options is the novasure and I am trying to decide if this is really a good thing versus other option is an IUD with a hormone release agent in it. But with that you can have spotting for weeks at a time. Birth control pills is not an option due to my other medications and migraines. I am hearing good and bad stories about this procedure so now I am confused, any advice?


I have read through most of these posts and I see a common misconception. Novasure is not a form of contraception/sterilization. Novasure is only indicated to treat heavy periods. There have been incidences of women becoming pregnant following a Novasure or endometrial ablation. In many cases women opt to have an abortion due to the risk to the fetus. There have been cases where women have carried to term with a healthy baby (C-section).

The Facts on the success of Novasure:

9 out of 10 women will have normal or no bleeding (about 5-7% will not be affected, sorry)

About 5 out 10 will have no bleeding at all

There will be adverse events/problem about 5 out of every 1000 cases

Cases can be done in office without a problem for most women

Novasure does not have the indication to help with bleeding for women who have fibroids (but has shown to help in some cases/Company does not want to spend the money to get indication)

To the original poster who has a fibroid. You have two good options to remove your fibroid. It can be removed with a hysteroscopy or/and laparscopiclly. To remove a fibroid the size of an orange laparscopically takes a good level of skill that only about 10-20% of GYN’s have. Your Gyn should be able tell the location fibroid on ultrasound. One way to find a good GYN surgeon is call the operating room and ask for the GYN Nurse Manager. Ask the question if one of your family members was having GYN lap surgery who would you refer them to. Another option is the new Robot called the Devinchi. Removing the fibroid may help with the bleeding.

Or you could get the ablation and then see if that helps with the bleeding. This is what I would do.

Hope that helps!


I had this procedure done yesterday at my GYN office. It was extremely painful. I had a lot cramping for about 4 hours after procedures. There is one problem, I have been bleeding since the procedure. i have gone through a big bag of sanitary napkins. I am soaking through clothes. I went back to my physician today because of the excessive bleeding. He said, this was the first incident and that he was going to report it. He also prescribed some birth control pills for 9 days and if that does not work, i will have to have surgery. He think maybe, an artery in the uterus may have been ruptured. Should I go to the Emergency room or wait to see if the birth control pill will work? I am still bleeding a lot with a lot of clots.


I had a Novasure Thermal Alation done in my Doctor's office 3 days ago. I was given Cytotec to thin my cervix about 2 days before the procedure and I was given a Valiun and Mepergan an hour before the procedure. It was not as painful as I thought it was going to be. I felt very relaxed during the ablation. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 5, and that was for only 30 seconds. I had cramping that night, but it was relieved with OTC pain medication. I was able to return to work the next day. I have a watery vaginal discharge that I hope will go away in a couple of weeks, but other than that I feel fine.