I'm sixteen years old and had my adenotonsillectomy on Wednesday, 9th October. It is Monday, 14th October. So I am on my sixth day recovery... I think. And I am in the worst pain imaginable. Up until I had the surgery, I always thought of myself as a person who could handle a lot of pain... but now I'm not so sure. This has honestly got to be the worst pain in my life, and I'm often finding myself in tears for the pain. Day one: I arrive at the DOSA section of the hospital at 7am. I check in and am required to wait in the waiting room for around two hours...*boredom*! Finally I am taken through to a room where I have my blood pressure, oxygen etc checked for the fourth time. I am then taken into SSSU where I am required to dress into my surgery gowns and totally not cool plastic foot covers. I am then taken through to a pre-op ward where I am asked to put on special socks and a funky cap. I am then wheeled into a theatre after waiting half an hour where I am put under GA ... *blank*. At 11am I wake up in the recovery ward in agony, crying and spitting up blood. I am given morphine because the pain is so bad, and after that I was wheeled back into SSSU where I was to spend a very sleepy and painful next six hours. At first I refused water and ice blocks but soon grew to the idea. I was later told my blood pressure was dropping, and that I had to try eat and drink more.... didn't happen. Day two: To be honest, it really was a blur. I slept most of the day in between terrible bouts of pain. My throat also began to swell dramatically. Day three: Worst day since surgery. I woke up pretty much every two hours, in agony, crying because it hurt so bad. My throat and tongue were so swollen that I couldn't talk and also my jaw was pretty bad. The white 'bed' had formed - gross! I was also very starving by this stage so I tried to eat an egg sandwich, with regrets. I felt like I'd just swallowed barbed wire, glass and razorblades. It was that painful. Day four: Woke up in tears, and went to bed in tears. The painkillers just didn't seem to work! My mouth and tongue etc were swollen more than ever, and the pain was unbearable... From now I am really struggling to drink liquids, having it feel like I'm drinking boiling water, or it goes up my nose. I am in tears just from swallowing. Day five: Not being able to swallow anything, and especially liquids, is the worst part! I was prescribed pills to swallow (painkillers) but as this seriously hurt my throat and was unbearable, and because I had those painkillers in liquid form, I tried them like that. BIGGEST REGRETS! It burnt my throat, resulting in my choking, and having a coughing fit, and feeling like I was dying. More tears due to severe pain... and I really am over this by now... I also used difflam spray as a painkiller which I have been throughout, but it actually burnt my throat this time and made it even more painful.... I didn't expect recovery to be this painful! Day six: i pretty much only got an hour or two sleep last night. I kept waking up in incredible pain and tears. Because U can barely swallow by now, and because the liquid painkillers burnt my throat, I am really struggling to swallow these painkillers, the water, and my spit. And when I manage to, I am rewarded with scorching pain. It is 12.27pm here, and I am in incredible pain but still have to wait 2hours and twenty minutes until I can take my next set of painkillers. I also have noticed I have a disgusting taste at the back of my throat (what is this?!) And my salivia is so sticky its not funny. I have also weighed myself and i have lost 5kgs, which is understandable seeing as I havent eaten six days :( Mum is going to call the hospital today as I really am not handling this recovery well and I am hoping they can help me in some way, even by just giving me some antibiotics. I hope so because this is horrible. Even eating jelly gave me immense pain that made me cry... hmmm. I also have a few questions. How can I tell when the scab is coming off? Is that what causes the pain and foul smell? How long does if usually take to come off? (Once its started) And also around what day does it start to? I have to go back to school and work in a week and I don't feel very well at all and I feel like there really isn't any light at the end of this tunnel... and I just want if over and done with :'(