I'm 18 and I had my tonsils removed on Dec 8, 2016. I can honestly say that this, so far, is one of the worst pains I have ever felt. After my surgery, I was laying in the recovery room, sleeping like an angel (thanks to the anesthesia). Of course my throat was a little sore, but it was very tolerable. Thought this whole healing process would be a stroll in the park. Wrong. Once the anesthesia wore off, the pain was so immense. For one, my uvula was unbelievably huge (to the point where it was touching the back of my tongue). This made it hard to breathe out of my mouth & incredibly hard to swallow. My breath was terrible and I had a VERY foul taste in my mouth, which is now starting to slowly fade. I cried & I cried & I cried. Not only because I'm a drama queen & my pain tolerance is at an all time low, but because this was seriously the worst pain I have ever encountered. I had to mentally prepare myself before I swallowed and literally each time it felt like I was swallowing glass shards & washing it down with lemon juice. Going to bed at night was dreadful. The pain medication, in my opinion, was not strong enough. Throughout the night, I'd wake up when the meds wore off and the pain would be excruciating. It wasn't until about day 3, that I would get these AWFUL earaches that would bring me to tears, along with the throat pain. (It literally feels like someone is pounding/drilling on your eardrum with a screwdriver.) I began to collect lots of saliva & mucous in my back of my throat that I had to cough up, which made my throat dry, which meant more pain when swallowing :) As far as food, I have been drinking, well trying, lots of fluids like water, chicken broth, coffee, and hot tea. I found that the warmer beverages felt better on my throat. I am now on day 6 & I am starting to get soft foods down such as cream of wheat. I cannot wait until this process is over. As of right now, I am completely regretting ever going through with this surgery. I'm not trying to scare anyone but this is just the honest to God truth & I wasn't going to sugar coat a thing. I wish the nurses & doctors would have told me like this. I would have refused the whole operation. But I mean, hey, I'm losing weight :)