I’ve been worried about my condition.

I had recurrent spotting between periods for 3 months so I decided to have a check-up with an OB. I had ad ultrasound and the result was Endometrial Hyperplasia and my endometrium lining is 15mm thick, and I have PCOS. The Doctor gave me Birth Control (specifically Diane) to counter this, but I bled (heavy bleeding) for a month which resulted to anemia. I had to do Iron IV shots because my hemoglobin was only 7.2. 

I had a check-up with a new OB, she told me to stop taking the BC, and put on another medication ( i forgot the name but I remember that it was a medicine for hemorrhoids). This stopped my bleeding. I did an Ultrasound again and she was saying that despite the bleeding my lining is still thick.

I also did a full abdominal ultrasound (for some other reason) and the findings showed that I have a diffuse Adenomyosis.

She let me do a hormonal test, and turned out that my progesterone was so low. 

My period was coming late a month after I took the BC and bled for a month so she let me take primolut for my period to come. Then now I’m on dydrogesterone pills. I still need to go back for a check-up, but is anyone here experienced the same situation? Or is this normal or should I worry?