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Hey all

A goo few years ago (200, 2002 something like that) i had severe epididymitis and the long and short of that was i went into Hospital and they did an operation and found a partial torsion in my right testicle. Since then ive been mostly fine (the odd epididymitis since then) until recently where its come back with a vengeance.

Now when i was in hospital all those years ago they secured both testicles, but i am suffering with acute pain in my right side again just like before and it doesn't "feel" right. I am wondering if it is possible that my right testicle has developed a torsion again? The pain is bearable, and goes away with rest and pain killers. The GP says it is likely to be an STD that's causing it, and unlikely to be a torsion, but i think my two testicles are at different "angles" in my scrotum, but i cant tell for sure due to the swelling!

Any advice? - Back to see the Doc next week.


Hey John it's been over a year now how did it go? Did you get it sorted?