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I had the epigastric hernia repaired 10+ years ago, i was 25, im now 36, still working in a physically demanding field, im a nurses aid in a skilled nursing facillity, now the mesh is larger than ever before, and at the surface, pain, swelling, excruciating pain after eating or coughing, bowel issues to say the least! Unfortunatley i no linger have health insurance and do mot know what to fo!! Should i go to er??


Hi I had an epigastric hernia repair in a public hospital in 2007...I never recovered from it and went to a private surgeon who repaired the repair in 2009....he said it took him 80 minutes to do a normally 20 minute operation to repair the damage they did in the original repair...he put mesh in and I still have inflammation and I have a shelf where the mesh is....very embarrassing! I have been back to him twice since and he just says it  is inflammation...he could open me up again and may find nothing but it would cost me a lot of money to take the chance I don't know what to stomach is sticking out all the time and I am in pain every day.