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On Friday 4th October I had an all you can eat meal at an Indian Restaurant. Ever since then I have not been able to keep myself full. I eat and do the usual activities that I tend to do over the weekend yet about 10 minutes later I'm that hungry I feel like I haven't eaten in a decade. This is causing me much stress, depression and stopping me from sleeping and doing certain activities. Whats happening?!?!?!?!?



I don't know if an all you can eat meal at an Indian restaurant could cause this problem but they do use spices that we don't here that contain a wide range of bioactive molecules that can do a lot of things.  Hunger in part controlled by the hypothalamus in your brain.  It controls body temperature, circadian rhythms (sleep) and more.  I don't know but it's possible that you ate something (molecule) that you absorbed through the gut that can bind to a receptor on hypothalamic neurons that are involved with hunger sensation and activate them.  It seems to me that what ever it was should be gone by now and you would go back to your normal eating behaviors but maybe it reset the neurons to another state.  This is interesting to say the least.  You know they use a lot of curry so maybe its a bioactive component in there and maybe it just affects you.