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I am an American but I come from an Indian culture.  I have found out that I have diabetes and I am having to come up with a meal plan that I can live with.  I love my Indian food that I grew up with.  We use much curry and other spices but we eat much rice at meals.  I especially love chickpea curry but now I wonder what am I going to do about not having this anymore.  I think chickpeas will have too much starch?  Is it possible to make Indian dishes more diabetic friendly?  I would like to have my Indian cuisine even if it means I need to modify the meals.  I would have no problem with that.  What would I use to replace the chickpeas that would be lower in carbohydrates, for instance?  I will venture to point out that I do not think I can eat it if it doesn't taste close to the original. Are there any Indian diabetics that have experience with tailoring foods toward our tastes?


I think you should be able adapt your Indian cuisine to meet your carb requirements without sacrificing taste.  Chickpeas have 45 carbs in a cup, however, loaded with fiber; 12 grams per cup to be exact.  You can subtract 6 grams of carbs from the 45 total carbs to get 39 grams of countable carbs.  This could cut for 2 carb units for a meal.  You would have 1-2 carb units left to use.  You may be able to eat your Indian-based meals by knowing exactly what goes into each dish so that you can portion out your carbs.  This will also keep you compliant with the diet, because you will have what you want without feeling deprived. You can have anything on your diabetic diet within reason.  You just have to incorporate it into your meal plan accordingly.