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i think im alergic to deoderant. i dont get a rash but it really bothers me.


Common sense says, try a different one, or several different ones. If you're a girl/woman, and shave, you're ripping your skin open, leaving it sensitive - spray deodorant on that, and yes it will bother you. That doesn't mean ignore it, but there's a wide range between hmm, something in that disagrees with me, I'll try another, and a life-is-over nut allergy... a little experimentation is in order, but yes, any physical symptoms, of course go to a doctor...

... in the meantime: if you want to be methodical about it,

a) check out the ingredients on the deodorants you try: see if you can find some with different, benign (to you) ingredients
b) consider whether a deodorant is really necessary and the best solution

Soap is its own deodorant, and diet is another natural deodorant, you are what you eat.

Be willing to wash more often, and wear less deodorant.

Experiment, have fun with it - 'guest' doesn't indicate male/female, as far as I can see - as a girl, maybe time to explore perfume or other scents, as a guy, go with the soaps.