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I am a 65 year old female with no known conditions other than acid reflux, which I have had for years controlled now by Prevacid Solutabs. Two years ago, seemingly out of nowhere, I begain burping a lot. I remember my mother burping a lot when she was older, but I did not associate it with her health necessarily. Unfortunately I attributed her burping loudly around to bad manners.

Having said that, mine started as burping occasionally but also out loud inadvertently in front of people. This year it has progressed to horrible belching seemingly all of the time, and not just once. Frequenly there will be as many as 5-8 very long and loud belches, and I do not attribute it to anything I have eaten. I know the difference in a burp because of a soda and this type of belching.

Also, I now never know when I am going to embarrass myself by not knowing I have gas that just seems to happen with no warning. I do not feel like I have gas most of the time, so where is all of this belching and passing gas coming from?

It has come to the point that I do not want to leave the house for fear of embarrassing myself.

I am writing because I just caught the end of the new on television that was mentioning excessive calcium, burping, and heart disease. The only thing I heard was that the calcium level should be 200 and there was a man with 800 who was like a walking time bomb, they quoted.

Then I came here, and saw the answer to the lady about her 89 year old father who belches very loudly, and your answer was related to inactivity on his part which slowed the perastalsis in his colon. Now I am confused as to whether this horrible belching and gas is related to inactivity or excessive calcium and the heart. I am inactive, and the only thing diagnosed by my doctor has been a heart murmur, which I understand to be the valve not closing enough and allowing drops of the blood that should have pumped through to "leak" so to speak. I was led to believe many people have this.

I would sincerely appreciate your answer.

Thank you.


Excessive belching and gas may be related to inactivity and poor abdominal muscle tone. Air is routinely swallowed during eating and drinking. In a normal person, the swallowed air is pushed through the digestive tract with the food bolus by the process of peristalsis and indirectly by contraction of the abdominal musculature, and eventually expelled as fart. In an ageing person, this process may be slowed down resultng in stagnated air being regurgitated. Abdominal massage, abdominal exercises such as situps, and casual walking can help expell this stagnated air.