Hi all! I'm looking for any experiences of anyone having heavy implantation bleeding. On the 12/03 during the night I had a weird stabbing pain just under my belly button when I was in bed, the next day I had light spotting that was watery brown. (13/03). Then on the 14/03, my period was due that day, I got cramps and started bleeding a medium flow, (dark red) almost like red mixed with brown. Then 15/03 it stopped that night and I got brown spotting. I never get my period on time, it always go over the date, and my periods usually last for six days, and are EXTREMELY heavy from day one with loads of cramps. My boobs are huge, I have veins from my nipples and my areolas are changing colour.. Also getting shooting pains around my uterus area. I see a doctor tomorrow for bloods! Just wondering if anyone has any similar situations and what was the outcome? Thank you:)