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A week ago I started bleeding, it was dark red and only lasted 2.5 days when usually my period is at least 6. It was around the time of my expected period, but with its short stay I am now confused.

I would say the "period" was moderate ... light cramps, not as heavy as it usually is. I did start spotting a light brown watery discharge two days after everything ended.

So, my question is, has anyone ever had implantation that they mistook for a period? I also get dizzy more often, tired, and find myself getting up at night to pee (when I rarely pee more than twice a day before).

I am just wondering if it's possible that I could be pregnant. Thanks for the advice!


I'm sure that you have an answer by now, but if you don't
when you put all of your symptoms together, yes it sure sounds like pregnancy. BC, if you use it is never 100% fool proof. So if you are sexually active, there's a chance of pregnancy. Please let us know what your results were. How are you doing? Please give us an update.