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Went to ER the other day for back problems they did pelvic MRI, showed Complex cystic lesion measuring 6.1x6.0x5.2 positioned above the urniary bladder.  Several thin septations but mural thicking along a portion of the left lateral wall.  Right ovary visulised, left ovary cannot be seen.  No free fluid in deep pelvis.

Impression: Complex cystic lesion in the deep pelvis, which may represent ovarian lesion.   A cystic neoplasm is not excluded. 

Had hysterectomy 5 years ago but ovaries are left. 

What are the things in this that would lead to believe stronger chance of cancer or not.  Please help. 




there are time that ovarian cysts can cause cancer if left unsees or untreated for years as the cysts can sometimes hairs,teeth in them.the best thing to do isto go the doctor for check up to find out what exactly is going on in your ovaries.