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  I called my dentist to report that I had a small pimple on my gum line with a little pus.  The pus would leak out and a few days later there would be more pus.  He sent me to my endodontist.  This tooth had already been root-canaled and crowned a good while ago.  The endodontist told me the root was more than likely fractured and would have to be extracted.  I had no pain and was not put on an antibiotic.  I went to an oral surgeon, showed him the x-ray with the dark gray area along side the root and said he said that the tooth needed to be extracted.  If not, the infection would progress to bone, etc.  I'm sure I asked him this question but I can't remember the answer.  "Why didn't he just put me on an antibiotic to clear the infection?  I am disturbed that I had the tooth extracted several weeks later and wonder if I did the right thing.  I have the tooth and asked him to show me the fracture and he said it was microscopic.  It's too late now for anything to be changed, but I need to know.


Hello Ssf,

Your dentist, endodontist, and oral surgeon were correct in removing that tooth. Tooth and root fractures can actually be completely invisible to the naked eye and can only be picked up on an X-ray. That pimple was more than likely the root abscessing and if it has drained there are times where antibiotics are not needed. Antibiotics are only used to speed up the process or to aid when an infection is persistent and resistant (we term that as P&R).

You should begin feeling better and remember that not all dentists are out for the money (never trust cosmetic dentists).