HI. I am hoping someone can help me with this strange growth in my face. IT started about 2 months ago as my cheek on one side swelled and what feels like my gums are swollen, my ent actually believes its in the maxillary sinus region. you can't see it--only feel it in my mouth. nothing revealed in ct scan. they say I have chronic sinusitis and have been on 2 antibiotics, and 2 treatments of steroids. The facial swelling is on both sides now, my head is full, and the original bump is bigger. I started off with no cold symptoms whatsoever. i thought that was strange and since I have been doing nothing but blowing my nose. Before I went in a couple months ago, my doctor had said it could be cellulitis or tooth abscess. I have already had the later--no fun! I don't really have pain in my teeth right now-just initially. I did however stop taking birth control and broke out with a big pimple in that same spot which I picked and seemed to aggitate right at the time. He doesnt seem to think it would be related. Is it possible I need to see a dermatologist instead?