Hi, about 5 years ago, I started having facial problems. It started as a toothache, so I went to the dentist. They found a small cavity and fixed it. But said it was not abscessed and I should not be having that kind of pain. They sent me home with some antibiotics, just in case. A day later, I was in worse pain and went back to the dentist, they just kept saying I was crazy, that nothing was wrong and sent me home. At this point I was beginning to swell and the pain was spreading quickly across the right side of my face. I decided to go to a different dentist, because it orignated from my front right tooth and I was worried it was an abscess spreading. I truly thought it was my teeth. This dentist was very good and asked me for my symptoms, she immediately said I think you have a sinus infection or TN. So she suggested going to my PCP. So I went and it was a sinus infection, and I was put on a stronger antibiotic, then what the dentist gave me. This went on for about a year, with me going back and forth to the doctor with sinus infections. I am talking like 1 a month. Usually a few days after antibiotics were taken, I was having symptoms again. My PCP decided to send me to an ENT, because he felt I had chronic sinusitis and they would be better fit to help me. So for two years I saw the ent, my symptoms would come and go, antibiotics were given so much, I was beginning to become immune to them. He could do nothing else, and as time went on, he felt that it might be TN, since antibiotics were not responding anymore. So he sent me to the neurologist. He sent me for scans and said everything was normal, but that he did feel it could be a blood vessel pressing on the trigemenial nerve and causing the pain. So he gave me Neurontin and that seemed to help for a while. And I had a good 6 months of relief, then BAM, I had another attack that was the worst yet. Lasted for several weeks. So I called and he got me back in and increased dosages, etc. It finally stopped and I had some relief, but since then, the attacks happen more frequently and I cannot find the trigger. I wear scarves around my head and face to keep the cold and wind away. That helps some when I am having a flare up. My concern is here recently I have in my last two attacks, (the 2nd one I am currently having) there has been the starting tooth pain, then it spreads to the remaining top teeth along the right side and the ear, then to the jaw bone and above and below my eye, my concern is the swelling. Up until these last two attacks, the swelling was along my cheek and was not too terrible, with the exception of the first dentist visit and work they did. Which probably caused the swelling and aggravated everything.  Anyway, I am swollen under my nose on the right and in the lip area and along my cheek. It's extremely painful and is causing sharp shooting pains along all the trigemenial nerve paths. My question is...is this TN or something else? Is the TN getting worse, or do I have something else going on?