i have had episodes of allergic attacks, i have all sorts of allergies, but i haven't figured out what are those. like every morning when i wake up and right before i go to bed. sometimes even during deep sleep i would wake up, sneezing, with either a clogged or runny nose. i also experience wheezing in my nose. My condition got worse after my travel to a foreign country.
it wasn't something that i really worry when one morning i woke up with something on my throat and when i spit it out, it was black, i was alarmed and i thought I might had a PTB relapse (i was diagnosed with minimal PTB last year and have gone under medications for 6 months) i rushed to the doc since I also experience back pain and sometimes chills, have my sputum, blood, urine and CXR, all are normal (said negative of PTB).
i became worried when one morning i blew my nose real hard and streaks of the same colored thing was with my mucus. I was used to blowing that way but I only got loads of mucus sometimes brownish but nothing more. i consulted with my ENT and said it might be caused by my hard blowing of my nose. she examined my nose, ears and throat and even performed a nasal endoscopy, nothing is seen. No polyps whatsoever. i even had a PNS xray, it says minimal nasal congestion, with slight increase in density of the floor of my left max sinus probably because of mild inflammation. i was prescribed antihistamines (loratadine and desloratadine after that). I consulted another ENT and he also examined my areas, nothing really remarkable. I even told him that sometimes I get some popping sound in my ear. i get postnasal drips and sometimes it's mixed with the same dark colored mucus. i'm worried. i don't have much headache or toothache, maybe just bit sensitive and its on the right side though. i get clogged nose but then it also disappears. I consulted with my opthalmologist, i have borderline pressure of the eyes.