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I had a brain MRI that showed a large cluster of polyps in my left maxillary sinus. From the from (coronal?) view there is a solid mass up to the top and from the axial view, I can see that over half of the sinus is filled with at least 6 circular masses.

The MRI was for something else, and my docotr said these polyps were just due to seasonal allergies and she said I did not need to see an ENT. I do get allergies and alomst every year at least oen sinus infection.

Is it really safe to ignore this? I realize it just looks really gross- but how much is too much?

Thanks very much for any help.



I am thinking that your doctor has a point. Nasal polyps can get too big and cause sinusitis but since this is a soft tissue it can be easily compressed. The only way to remove them is a surgical procedure and this is also the only way to treat chronic sinusitis.

There is no evidence that they will grow back again after the procedure but sometimes they reoccur again. If your doctor told you that you should ignore this problem for now than do that.

Since you are fighting allergies most of your life than for sure you will see your ENT in a few months again and if the problem with nasal polyps get bigger you can consult with him what to do.