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I had a brain MRI for something else and it showed a large cluster of polyps in my left maxillary sinus. From the front (coronal) view it fills all the way to the top and from the axial view I can see that over half of the sinus is filled with circular masses (at least 5).

My doctor says it's just allergies and would not refer me to an ENT.

When are these considered a problem? And is it safe to ignore them?

I do get sinus infections every year and I have seasonal allergies.


Hello there,

Your problems with sinuses and allergies are my problems as well. Chronic sinusitis and that feeling that every year I will spend 12 weeks totally stuffed are my worst nightmare.

Do you have any tips for easing this condition? I usually go with warm compresses and medications and sometimes even with homemade alcohol when I can’t stand headache and pain anymore.

As for your question about nasal polyps, my doctor once said to me that I could have problems with this due to chronic sinusitis. He also mentioned that this means that sinuses are enlarged and inflamed and that polyps can grow and compress the sinuses. Although they are soft tissue sometimes they can cause complications but if they are not causing you trouble in breathing don’t touch them.