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I feel for all sinus sufferers.

I visited this website multiple times ove the past year. Now as Im on recovery from sinusitis (still cant believe it!!) I want to share my experience.

I have chronic sinusitis since I was 20, operated 4 times, maxillary cyst recurring (48 yr old woman now). A year ago I had a flare up and since Dec 2017 I had constant head pressure and dizziness (very hard to live)... fatigue, dark circles under eyes etc. Visited several ENTs, tried antibiotics, steroids, all topical treatments: inhalations, essential oils, netipot, Manuka, kimchi, Nasya oil... the last 2 ones eliminated biofilms with success, but my infection/head pressure continued in spite of everything. One inflamed tooth was extracted and root canals were treated for two other teeth. Again, some days of relief, but then the infection returned.

Then I thought - the cause of my sinusitis must be something systemic and as I suspected that my thyroid doesn't function properly in spite of "normal" TSH (2.3) I decided to try Lugols iodine. Apparently we are all seriously deficient in iodine nowadays. I started with 2 drops of 1% Lugol in October and now Im up to 5-6 drops per day with 2 Macadamia nuts to provide selenium. The head pressure has diminished and my sinuses are healing. I can finally breathe normally... Im not completely cured yet, but the difference is huge! Even my polyps have reduced in size...

My conclusion is that hypothyroidism/hashimoto (I have low thyroid antibodies count too) causes sinus swelling that then traps bacteria inside and doesn't let sinuses drain properly. Hope my experience helps someone!


Wanted to add that I take Lugol iodine drops dissolved in a glass of water, by mouth of course.